Without leaving the house or its surroundings:
Trekking, bird watching, mycology, panoramic tables, BBT routes, Irati-Xtrem cycling, bicycle tracks, cross-country skiing, deer rut, horse riding…


Organize a workshop, a course or a retreat surrounded by nature. Ask for a budget without commitment.

La Hormiga Maia´s meetings

When purchasing clothes becomes a social and funny moment. Without leaving Casa Maestro and without buying obligation!

Salazar Valley

Possibly, together with Irati Forest, one of the most beautiful landmarks in Navarre. If you visit Navarre, you cannot leave without seeing it.

Irati Xtrem

Do you dare to take part in this non-competitive cycling event? It has an amazing route around Irati Forest.


Where nature is lived: trekking, bird watching, mycology...

Arbayun Equestrian Club

500mts far from Arbayun Gorse. Horse-riding routes and lessons and activities for children are organized.

Irati ebike

Discover the natural environment and enjoy the landscape and its history through electric bike routes